Kenya Children's Homes

Take a 360Tour of Mashimoni Primary

With the the support of the Big Five Breweries and the ACV Scholarship 360 Tours created a virtual tour of Mashimoni Primary School. The virtual tour is best viewed fullscreen


Mashimoni  Primary (closed August 2018)

Kibera Slum, Nairobi

Mashimoni was a primary school in the Kibera slum of Nairobi which educated 600 needy pupils, many of whom live in shacks with parents, grandparents or distant relatives.

Kenya Children’s Homes (KCH) took over the management of the school in 2007, dramatically reshaping the standard of  education, facilities and school environment.

From 2007, a programme of reconstruction transformed mud classes into brick built classrooms with desks and blackboards, the grounds have been re-designed with grass and plants and proper canteen facilities have been developed to provide a safe and conducive learning environment. In addition, the World Food Programme joined the cause and now provides daily meals for the children.

Most importantly, the standard of education offered was exceptionally high, proving that despite coming from hugely deprived backgrounds, these children were able to positively influence their futures through the education and support they received at Mashimoni.

Due to the level of poverty in Kibera, children are often sent to school simply to be fed, rather than educated. The mission of this project was to promote social equality by encouraging education in a slum environment.

Sadly, at the end of July 2018, the Kenyan government bulldozed the majority of the school, along with seven other schools and thousands of homes, to make way for a new road. This was done with only a few days warning and no alternative school accommodation was offered.  As a result, this school was permanently closed in August 2018, with 30 of the top performing pupils being transferred to JGA to continue their primary education under sponsorship.